MSFW Day 2 - Wittner

It always astounds me how shoemakers are able to keep their campaigns and runways interesting when really, all they're selling is on the models' feet.
Wittner brought a lil sum'n sum'n to yesterday's MSFW City Square runway, mixing 4 dancers in with the models and breaking their show into 5 themes.

Neons two days in a row at city square? An indication that this trend is going nowhere fast. The dancer/models emerged carrying umbrella and preceded to wobble down the catwalk as if it were a tightrope to the tune of Janel Monae's 'Tightrope'... fitting.

A fun spin on the wedge sneaker trend that began with Isabel Marant however long ago. I wasn't a fan at first but the whole "sports luxe" thing has won me over.

Beautiful dresses, beautiful shoes, beautiful models and beautiful props... backed by the worst song I have ever heard in my life. I can't remember what it was, but it sounded French, and it was reminiscent of that Budget Direct advertisement with the French girl singing and the old guy who says "Nah, BUDGET love, Budget." You know the one.

Loved this. Super thin stilettos, metal toe caps, black black black.

They walked to Shirley Bassey and the Propellerheads, 'History Repeating'. I love me some Shirley Bassey. She's the best. I feel like I don't need to say anything else because the song was so good.


Anonymous said...

Fucking lol Gem '"Nah, BUDGET love, Budget." You know the one.'

Gem said...

Haha thank you anonymous!

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