MSFW DAY 3 - Designer Runway 2

Hello there baby angels,

I'm writing this two days after Day 3 (making today Day 5) so as you can imagine I am a tired zombie-esque not-entirely-sober wreck right now, so I'm not going to give you a huge essay about the show. I'm sure some of you will be happy about that.
I spent most of the night on NEON WATCH. As those of you who actually read my blog will know, I predicted that neon was on the way out. Days 1 and 2 of the festival have proved me wrong, so I was determined to see if the high-end was still embracing the trend as much as the high-street.
I covered the Sportscraft show on Day 4 exclusively for Couturing.com, so when that goes live I'll be able to post it here too. Until then, here is a fun, albeit delayed, post for you.

Enjoy, my little popsicles.


Do you think they could use a prescription lens in the visor? If the answer is no, I'll have to sit this one out. Fortunately? Unfortunately? You tell me.
Plenty of the classic, tailored silhouettes we've come to know and love from Sir AG. Bonus points because the models were wearing Adeles by Tony Bianco, and I was wearing them too.
But I was in the audience.
But bonus points.
Neon watch: 0


I'm going to be blatantly honest here- why were the models dressed as tuck shop ladies? I've edited my snaps of this collection down to 4 not for space-saving purposes, but because I'm usually a big Above fan and I wanted to show you how nice most of their collection is. The garments themselves are DIVINE, but I need to have a few stern words to the runway stylist.
Neon watch: Is yellow a neon? (imagine me saying that in a Regina George "Is butter a carb?" kind of way.)


I'm mad for relaxed separates. Almost as mad as I am for neutrals. Carly Hunter spiced up her colour palette with some rich coppers and rusts, and some amazing digital printed sheer numbers. There was even a bit of metallic in there!
I love you, Carly. Be friends with me.
Neon watch: 0


The first time I went to Alice Euphemia I was in year 10 and they had a series of about 20 pop-up dolls cut out of magazines stuck on a teeny tiny runway.
For this reason, I will always love them.
Neon watch: Neon PRINTS! And SEQUINS! Three trends in one! I feel like I should hate this but for some reason I'm totally fine with it!


There were peaches and lavenders and inks and sands and digital prints and draping and pretty and I LOVE YOU.
Neon watch: Not up in here


You may notice that I have only included 1 photo from this collection. This is for a number of reasons (aka 2 reasons).
Firstly, the photos turned out... for lack of a better word... shitty.
Secondly, taffeta is something I would only wish upon someone really bad. And not good bad. BAD bad.
Neon watch: Sorry too distracted by taffeta suit.


So it opened with a Rachel from Friends stylez floral nightie thing dress thing, then moved onto delicious pastels and clashing prints. Thank you for breaking my heart then making everything right again.
Neon watch: 1. And it was pink.


Never knew I could feel like thissssssssss like I've never seen the sky beforrrre something something something every day I love you more and morrrre something something la la AND IIIII WILL LOVE YOUUU UNTIL MY DYYYYINGGG DAAAAY
So I really like Manning Cartell...
Neon watch: Don't care love you


If I have to look at that incredible neon floral pant suit one more time on someone who isn't me, I'll be really upset. I need it.
I'm left feeling like this: How does Annaleise Smith look the way she does?
Neon watch: Okay yeah but like... Thurley.


Anonymous said...

Manning Cartell review was my fav. Wish I was there for Alice E. Love Stef

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Love the Thurley collection!It's so fresh and young! The first photo outfit is amazing!!


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