And then I fell over

I was trying to make that lovely noise, you know when you blow into the top of a bottle? I failed miserabley.

What a lame weekend! Friday was really beautiful, 30 something degrees apparently, and I know talking about weather is generally a stupid topic to blog about, but I'm still getting over the fact that there are people reading this in completely different time zones. It's like I'm writing this.. tomorrow. Wowee!

So we went to visit nan for a bit, and there was a man who had come to visit his mum, I presume, and he was walking through the home singing, and everyone who was inside was coming to the door to hear him, and it was just really sweet I thought.

But basically it's Saturday night, what the hell am I doing?! My parents have deserted me, that's what, hence the only time I'm really leaving the house is to work, which is what I did today, and what I shall be doing tomorrow.

BUT! I felt compelled to show you my beautiful beautiful trench. I got it in September, and I was planning on taking it to France but now I'm not taking it to France, but that's besides to point. I doubt I'll be getting much wear out of it for a few months, but never mind.
The only negative in regards to summer is mosquitoes. Do you even have them in the Northern Hemisphere? I hope you don't, I wouldn't wish that apon anyone.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful coat, beautiful girl

Jayo. said...

I have a damn mozzie bite on my ass.
How? I wish I knew.
Believe me, I don't run around my front yard bare assed.

You'll freeze your nip nips off.

Anonymous said...

Do you take all photos on timer? Tripod?

Anonymous said...

What a nice coat! I really like you hair in this photo :)
yes, unfortunately we have mosquitoes up here in Canada. Quite a lot of them in the Summer. It sucks for me beacuse I'm allergic and I swell up like a balloon. This sounds kind of funny, but if you put deodorant on the bites, it takes the swelling down a bit.

verity said...

heyy :)
i recently stumbled upon lookbook, a few weeks ago and have been addicted ever since! i also saw this look, because i am from melbourne and am always checking out the looks from australia.. and wow! your photos and style is radd, and when i saw this blog.. you are going to mgmt! wow!

i really want to be a part of lookbook, but i am a little of scared of applying and being rejected. was this the first time you applied?

this is my flickr account, and i was just wondering if you could have a look and let me know if i have a chance with lookbook :), i dont have many photos of my self up, but in the next few days that will change.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/noliesjustlove/

i will keep reading this blog, it is wonderful!


i am an exchange student in holland at the moment, with a terrible camera, so i am a little worried my photos won't be good quality! hehe..