Just wanted to show you all a jacket that used to be my dad's, until I stole it a few months ago, Autumn I think.
It's incredible I reckon, it's brown leather, and the lining is a map of the streets of Paris.

Reminded me of a Teenagers song, called Streets of Paris, I think the lyrics are very appropriate. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the teenagers, but they're great if you're into a bit of foul language and strong french accents.
Watch the video clip for Homecoming. Amazing!

I'm a bit excited right now actually, because I've been getting quite a few comments and followers from overseas bloggers! It's really lovely that people on the other side of the world are interested in what I have to say .. or are just very bored.

I love you all, seriously.


Anonymous said...

Do you model?

Newborn Hippy. said...

I love this blog!
would you like to swap links?
xxx isabella

Hanna said...

oohh I just found this blog and I love the jacket ! That map is awesome :>

zoe aka ex muffin breaker said...

Gemma your becoming famous.
ohhhhhh so glad we became friends before your the next Cory Kennedy ahaha
take me to meet the Cobrasnake plzzzz
stay golden love


that is great! the inside of your ocoat!

Newborn Hippy. said...

you are offcially linked hun!

Mon Chérie said...

WOW, that jacket is amaaaazing.
Why don't my parents own clothes like that??
I love the Teeangers <3

Kaela said...

im seeing the teenagers at pyramid

Shi said...

aw thank you missy, much appreciated. I enjoy your blog.