Time will look after you

The newest issue of RUSSH arrived in my letter box early last week. I love getting mail! But I find that every issue of RUSSH is prettier than the last, and although that sounds divine, it just sickens me due to my severe lack of money. I wish I could get paid for sitting here.

Here are a few of my favourites of Stef Bambi, although she's billed on the Pricilla's site as Bambi Northwood-Blyth... either way, she's impossibly cool. Wish my name was Bambi. Considering changing it to another disney character in an attempt at upping my cred... maybe like, Alladin. That was a joke.

Looking at these has made me realise that I haven't done a proper shoot in a while, and I'm going to blame this on a combination of year 12, and my impeccable ability to procrastinate.
Secondly, I'm thinking that if I had bushy eyebrows, I don't think anyone would want to take photos of me. But she makes it look so lovely! I had similar eyebrows once upon a time, however mine weren't shaped, mine were just Awkward-Pre-Teen-Hasn't-Discovered-Tweezers style. What can I say, I've always been a looker.

And I almost forgot, thankyou to all of you babies who have been following, and more importantly, commenting! I honestly cannot thank you enough and you are all beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

such a gorgeous blog, i love the way you write!