"Women would rule the world if they didn't hate each other"

I am aware that most people reading this have never met me before, and a lot of you are in a completely different continent. So I'd like to start by letting you all know that as sarcastic and loud-mouthed as I am, I'm also probabaly the least confrontational person ever. I stay on EVERYONE'S good side. And I have NEVER been in an argument. EVER.
And somehow I've been in two fights since Friday, and won both of them. Although I didn't really win seeings as I wasn't the one playing any games.

But basically, I have my fingers crossed this never happens again. I'm so so SO lucky that I have so many lovely lovely friends, and am pretty diplomatic when it comes to the art of arguing. But what I don't understand is why everyone can't just shut the hell up and stay out of other people's buisiness. Don't pretend you know what's going on, don't make shit up for your own benefit, and don't EVER give someone else crap for something they haven't done.

One of my very best friends started dating another one of my closest friends just the other day. It's complicated, I know the full story, and all anyone needs to know is that they've gone about it all the right way, the best way, and everyone involved is happy. And that's what they deserve.


Ashlee said...

thank you so much for helping me through everything lovely, you really have been so amazing about the whole thing, and i'm so glad to be able to call you one of my closest friends. you truly are a saint, and i'm so thankful for everything.
love you so much gemmie, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

dee said...

indeed. i have to agree gem.


it's a persons right to date whoever the hell they want, and "friends" that totally destroy that right should really have a good look at themself.


and congrats ash.

Anonymous said...

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