oh yeah your skin and bones

most amazing week

I'll start with a pair of socks I made today which I plan on wearing tomorrow to Push Over.

Saturday night

That dress is actually not a dress at all! I found a really daggy knee length black two-layer skirt in mum's wardrobe, so I hitched it up under my bust, then put a new black gypsy top with elastic shirring around the bottom over the top of it. I pinned the skirt to the bottom on my bra so it didn't fall down, et voila! So innovative.

Wednesday night- Coldplay

I cried several times. The show was packed with surprises, from the giant yellow balloons that cascaded from the ceiling during 'Yellow', filled with glitter that covered the crowd as the balloons popped, to the thousands of paper butterflies during 'Lovers in Japan', to when Chris Martin and his amazing fellow Coldplayers ran up all the stairs in the arena and performed a magical few acoustic songs (including 'my song', Green Eyes) from a platform mid-crowd less than 10 metres from my best friend and I. Flawless, the entire show was flawless.

Friday night- Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Speaking of flawless, I don't think I've ever seen movement so intricate, strong but at the same time so incredibley gentle. Every minute of complexions was absolute perfection, a standout being Desmond Richardson. The entire second act was performed only to U2 songs. Amazing.

We also had our school Swimming Carnival on Friday, and I made a fantastic tie dye top from a mens XXL white tee-shirt, but I'll wait until I have a better photo of it.

Tomorrow will be wonderful. I'm too lucky.
I love you all.


Anonymous said...

your life is brilliant

Fee. said...

those socks are adorable.
and i went to coldplay on wednesday night too! most amazing night of my LIFE.
great blog btw x

smalltown_girl said...

wow you are one busy girl! I'm so jealous that you went to coldplay!

p.s., the socks are fantastic

george said...

cool pix...I like Coldplay too.

McCall said...

i love the way you wore the skirt and top together like that!!

jules said...

That sounds wonderful. Greta butterflies!!

clandestinefeline said...

oh wow! Coldplay would've been wonderful!
I love your blog miss!

Aysia said...

coldplay! i'm jealous :]

tove said...

SO nice!

Anonymous said...

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