The last before Europe

This time tomorrow, I will be on a plan to Paris .. so crazy.
So this will be my last post probably until I get to Arras on the 15th
But I promise I will write as often as I can and although I will be looking like a huge frumpy snowman, I will make sure I will document as much as I can about the fashionable and CLIMATISED people I find.

Je t'aime!


Maddi said...

Have fun in France! I know what its like to be counting down the days for a trip. Cherish it :P

smalltown_girl said...

I just started reading your blog and I have to say, I really like it! Great work. and btw, have a great time in Paris. I am SO jealous.

Dee said...


i remember when i was in Marseille for a time, and it was lovely. though i never did get to go to the capital, which MAJORLY SUCKED. but yes, i'm sure you'll have a blast:)

take care gem:)

Severn said...

fun so much fun in paris. it's a whole other world.

i'm going again in march!

great blog