Oh I love this so much, I love it when people comment me and when I have new followers and all that kind of thing. I love empathy from strangers, it's really nice :)
Yesterday I was on the front page of lookbook.nu, so that was really amazing considering I've only been on the site for a day and a half. But now I have a bit of a had act to follow haha, but look I'm satisfied with everything as it is now.

I don't really have any news for you, sadly! Yesterday was lovely, it's summer now although it doesn't really feel like it. A friend and I took Charlie Dog for a big big walk yesterday, and he was so tired that every so often he would just lie down in the middle of the path. I'll show you a picture of Charlie some time soon, if you'd like. And then I went to babysit my neighbours in the afternoon for a bit.

I love holidays/lack of commitments.

I have no lovely photos to show you today, so here's one i pinched off thecobrasnake a few days ago.

What I wouldn't give for locks like that. Not that I want to be blonde, just wow they look so amazing, all shiny and flowy and amazing. And their glasses!

Ok I'll stop now.

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Anonymous said...

It's Summer where you are! That seems so weird, it's almost Winter here.