Best day. Elly gave me a skirt this morning, it was her aunty's and she gave it to Elly's mum but it didn't fit her, and it was too long for Elly, and they thought "Hmm! Who has long legs and likes geometric shapes?"

Chucked it on with black singlet and saucy shoes .. I like the length, it finishes just before my knees, but it's a bit dressy, like it's a very cocktail type thing, so then I got all creative and pulled it up under my bust.

But THEN bloggers, then I got really creative and took the straps off my bra, chucked on some shorts and pulled the skirt up even higher.

Ta da! So that was success number one of the day.

On an entirely different note, I finished my exams today, which is a huge relief.
Tomorrow we have our "year 10 day" type thing that Paul & I organised, so that should be a bit of fun, I'm dancing to Song For Clay, and Elly, Lauren, Lisa and I are singing Kids.

Walked back to school this afternoon for Fame, and got so many compliments on my dress. It's from the early 80s, I bought it at the Camberwell market earlier this year for no more than 10 bucks, but it was too long so I took it up, but I haven't been able to wear it until this beautiful beautiful sunshine!
And Fame was wonderful, as always. I'm baking baby cupcakes for Thursday rehearsal, because it's me and Nick's (or Nicky Babes, as I call him) birthieday on Friday.
Tonight I am going to watch Elly win her netball grandfinal.

Au revoir!

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jaime said...

aww thank you! that's such a sweet comment :) ahhh i love your room! and i'm loving this dress. aww you're such a pretty girl!