Spent the past two hours baking cupcakes like a madbitch.

Today was good, Paul and I were very relieved everything worked out.
I did my dance, made up pretty much the entire second half on the spot, but I think it was pretty well recieved. Didn't get that much feedback haha, but the comments I got were all lovely.
It was really weird though, because I never get nervous before dancing, but today I had butterflies and everything! I think it's because I'd never danced in front of people from school really before, so it becomes and entirely different thing.

It was fun though, I want the weather to stay this beautiful for Friday please.



i love ur blog and i love this image of cupcakes....i am starving now!!! i need some sweets!

i will be keeping up with you !!


Song of Style said...

UMMM yummy!

eva said...

oo those look amazing.. drool! lol