So I was on here at bloody 9 o clock on the dot, waiting to buy Kings of Leon tickets because we all wanted to get standing tickets and we could all jump around together and it would be so so so good but no, by the time I clicked "Buy Now" it was bloody 9.03 AND THEY'D ALREADY SOLD OUT.

I was already annoyed to begin with because it's at Rod Laver, so that's shit as is, and I was annoyed BEFORE that because all of a sudden everyone is listening to Kings of Leon even though they have no idea how much more amazing their older albums were so the whole place is going to be packed with little bitches who've heard Sex On Fire once on Fox Fm, while people like myself and so so many others who have liked them for more than 5 minutes sit at home wondering what could've been.

And YES I know I sound like a pretentious cow, but really guys, I hardly ever rant on like this, so I reckon I've earnt this one, yeah? Hopefully someone will agree with me. Although I doubt anyone is even reading this. But I really would like to know if there is atleast one person who understands where I'm coming from, and how frustrating this whole thing is.

On the contrary, I only have one exam left. I also found this in My Pictures this morning, from quite a while ago. Chloe Spring/Summer 07. Chloe models always have the most amazing hair.

Au revoir pancakes.

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Georgia. said...

I agree with you again, Gemma.
Kings of Leon were SO AMAZING! Then they became popular and mainstream and wishy washy. I liked their old stuff better. :(