So I've been interning at a magazine publishing house full time (hence me being a huge bitch with the lack of posts and whatnot), and spending all this time working on wedding magazines has given me wedding fever. 

Just wanted to share a few shots of Margherita Missoni and Eugenio Amos's beautiful Italian wedding because that woman is so beautiful I could cry and it's just getting all a bit too much for me

I've been the biggest fan of Margherita for the longest time, and while the dress (which she designed!) would make me look like a hobo, that bitch could make ANYTHING look good.

I'll stop being slack with the posting now <3


Ashley said...

i adore these photos! thanks for sharing!

shi zhan said...

Ray Banはアクセサリーと同じの効果を持て、とうとう大スターになっているというのだ。レイバン aviator一本をかけて、変身でも出来るでしょう。特に今の若者たちに、そういうような考え方は少なくないそうだ。モンクレール ジャケット