Coat from Sass & Bide
Dress from Asos
Shoes from Aldo
Gold torque from Lovisa

Buying this cape/coat/jacket/chiffon/sequin-thing was a bit of an adrenalin rush. I've always admired anyone who can pull off some of sass&bide's more... how to put it... 'out there' creations, but never saw myself as capable.
I wore this ensemble out not long ago and two gorgeous boys, both as camp as a row of tents, teetered over to me and gushed "Are you um... is that... is that sass&bide? Limited edition?" to which I told them that yes, yes in fact I was wearing a bit of sassy sass, and I had bought it for less than a third of the original price at ye olde' warehouse sale. And then I let them touch it.
My night was made, their night was made. Moral of the story?

A compliment from a gay man will make you happier than anything you'll ever hear from a woman.


Anonymous said...

You have the most incredible legs.... wow.

Georgia said...

Gem you have secret admirers...


Anonymous said...

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