sass & bide THE THIRD WHEEL floor length coat jacket

Picked up this baby at the warehouse sale today. Got there at 11.10am, ready for the doors to open at midday (there was already a line when I got there... some people are way more dedicated than moi) and I was more than impressed. Definitely more of the good shit on offer this time round. Despite hauling double-digits worth of items into the makeshift fitting rooms, I only purchased the one piece of lavishness due to factors including too short, too baggy, too much nip-slip potential, what is this and why am I even trying it on, etc etc.
I am in love with this jacket though, in all it's avante garde glory. I'll chuck up an outfit post when I get the chance, as I have a function coming up that this is perfect for.

If you're in Melbourne and weren't able to pop down today, you've still got until SUNDAY APRIL 1 to get yourself down to the COLLINGWOOD TOWN HALL. You won't be disappointed.
Trust me.


Vickita said...

FABOLOUS! I absolutely love the color, it's marvellous :)

- Victoria

jenni said...

Looks lovely, avant garde enough and the color's beautiful! :) Good find!