[Aline Weber by Benny Horne for RUSSH#40]

The newest issue of RUSSH magazine arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday, and as per usual it is even more beautiful than the last. Aline Weber is an absolute babe, perhaps a slightly more boyish Jess Hart, no? As brilliant as Benny Horne is at structured, colourful studio shoots, this is the stuff I love him for; girls in minimal makeup rolling around outside in next to nothing. With that in mind, is it just me or do RUSSH feature a lot of nipples in their shoots? I'm going to say yes, but not as much as Oyster.
What saddened me, however, after reading the magical Stevie Dance's editor's letter, is that this was in fact her last issue in this position. RUSSH has been my very favourite magazine for many years now, and is one of the reason why I am so devastatingly in love with fashion today. Stevie Dance pulled me from my hot-pink-mini-skirt-wearing, Hillary Duff-listening earlier teens and turned me into... whatever this is. I hate that she's moving on, which sounds very selfish of me, but that's what blogs are for yes?
You know what they say. A change is as good as a holiday.
Unless you're going somewhere shit.

ps. I'm also only 10 followers away from a beautiful beautiful number, so help a brother out!


Meg Meldrum said...

ahh obsessed with this shoot!
and i'm also so sad about stevie :(

Natalia said...

This is a great issue of Russh...I am actually keen to see who replaces Stevie and what it is that they do with the magazine. Publications can't get stuck in the same old...they need to mix it up a little and I'm really eager for Russh to introduce something fresh with Stevie's departure.

GPow said...

i wish i had such perky nipples... hahaha

Julie said...

Love that nude tank!!


Check out my work blog too!


PiruletadeGato said...

Wow, truly beautiful pics!



Anonymous said...

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