oh jeez

Thought I should start off with a nice photo, because I'm apologising in advance for delving into angsty-teenage-girl-venting-blog-post territory, combined with boring-day-to-day-life-posts-that-noone-really-cares-about.
Today marks the end of the very first week at university, and I cannot even begin to describe how much I love it and my new friends and my teachers, although there are only 6 other 18 year olds in the entire course and I am finding it incresingly difficult keeping my debit card in my wallet and restricting myself to window shopping on my breaks. Being in the city all the time, having limited funds and being a compulsive/impulsive shopper makes for a great wardrobe but a very guilty conscience. Despite being extremely intimidated by my worldly/experienced/talented peers, I'm very excited to spend the entire year writing as much as I like.
I also bought myself a valentines day present today, and although I'm single on valentines day for the 18th year in a row I'm actually not bitter about it at all because I think it's really nice seeing happy couples do their thang... But I'm just telling you this because it was kind of exciting walking around with my shopping bag knowing I had something cheeky in there that nobody else knew about.
Now that I've typed that I've realised it sounds a little bit pathetic and maybe I need to get out more?
I thought I'd keep this angsty part very brief but I was just wondering how it's possible for a person to be really really lovely to you and then just cut you off, and if anyone else is in the same boat? I don't really mind though because I've had a perfect week so I guess thanks if you're still reading this, and I'll be very surprised if anyone even gets this far so I'll wrap things up with another nice thing


Anonymous said...

I love the way you write!!!!!!!!!

KAJA JEAN said...

awe, i liked hearing about this! i'm very excited for you to start school-if i could study in new york i would DIE! And probably go broke. In a day. Please keep us updated on your adventures:)