I was lucky enough to attend the opening night and after party of Mary Poppins in Melbourne last night, and words cannot express how perfect it is. This was the second time I'd seen it, as I was at one of the previews last week, and to be honest I wasn't really that keen on the idea of a Mary Poppins musical but my godddd it's brilliant. I hate to sound poncy reviewing musicals and shit, but if any of you are in Melbourne you have to see it. Pinky swear you won't regret it!

Here's just a few of the many many after party photos from the Sofitel Ballroom, which I still can't get over. They decked out the entire ballroom with a london skyline silhouette with lights shining through the windows, all of the staff were dress as chimney sweeps, and there was a LOLLY BAR! I pretty much bypassed all of the fancy food and champers (just kidding, I've never said no to food and champagne in my entire life) and stocked up on sour straps.

But enough from me. Didn't really get any good photos of my dress, but I'll get on it soon. Love you all!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of you! You're hotter than Ruby Rose!!!

Gem said...

Um biggest compliment ever! You're crazy though haha, Ruby is fucking amaaaaazing!

Mila said...

Oh wow,those are some great photos.Looks fun!

Luna Love said...

You look beautiful!
Wish I were there.
How did you get into the after party?



Gem said...

I have a family friend doing all the PR stuff for the show :) I'm a very lucky girl!

rebecca said...

You lucky girl! I bet it was amazing (:


Friend in Fashion said...

Oooh - i can't wait to see this show!

You are absolutely stunning - love the blog!

Luv, Friend in Fashion

P.S. now following xx

jamie-lee said...

You look gorgeous!! You are very photogenic. And this sounds amazing - I recently went to a show, as I never do and I loved it. :)


In The Eve said...

Wow thats incredible!
Just had a look at your blog - its so inspirational! Definitely following from now on :)


Orphaned Apparel said...

Looks like you had fun!