A few shots I took this afternoon. Nothing overly inspiring, in fact very similar to a set I took when I first started taking photos however many years ago, I just didn't feel like studying. Sorry my posts have been lacklustre of late, if you're in year 12 you'll understand. Year 12 is definately the year of breakdowns. Performances of my production wrapped up last week, and as much as I complained throughout the rehearsal process, I feel so lost now knowing that I'll never be in a high school production again. Just pretend I don't sound like a complete tosser kay. I have one more week until my art folio is due, and yeah look I'm stressing balls at the moment but formal is in a week and a half so I can stop stressing and I'm really looking forward to the end of my stress because I never ever stress so this is really new for me!
Sorry just venting. Love your work team.

Thankyou to all of my new and old followers, I love every single one of you, and your comments make me the happiest little girl ever!

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Anonymous said...

Simple but so beautiful. I miss your amazing photography!