Fame is officially a wrap, and I'm sad to say that I have my life back once again.
It's been a hectic few months, or however long it's been since I last posted (again with the slackness). The Premiere of Prey was marvellous, movie was a shocker but an amazing night. Saw Little Red perform at the Hi Fi Bar last month aswell, also very impressive.
But Fame was so amazing, and the feedback was beautiful. We're all devastated it's over, especially after spending 8 months together. Such an amazing bunch of people.
I had to make a speach on the last night aswell, and it was definately a struggle to fight back the tears. The standing ovation made it all worthwhile.

But although I'm officially "back", I still fear that my slackness will once again hold me back. So I've joined Twitter! I'm guilty of changing my Facebook status far far far too often, so now I'm indulging my poor habit, and thanks to my new little Widget over there > you can see what I'm up to, no matter how boring it may be.

I love you all!

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Beautiful photo Gem