Black Saturday

I just wanted to give my deepest sympathies to everyone who has lost their homes, friends and loved ones in Victoria's tragic bushfires. I know I speak on behalf of an incomprehendable number of people in saying that we've all been touched by the mateship displayed by our fire fighting heroes, and I can honestly say I've never been more proud to call myself Australian. I know for a fact that this news has made it to the other side of the world, and I am crossing my fingers and toes that everyone has taken this opportunity to once again reflect on how lucky we all are. I think almost everyone in our state is somehow connected to someone who has been affected by this disaster, and to think that fires are still buring less than two hours drive from where I'm sitting now is inconceivable. My hearts are with you all.

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Georgie said...

I second that, I pray the death toll doesn't rise any further, and the hefty, rising donations help rekindle a little of what families lost in these terrible circumstances.