the bitter taste, been fooled again

A few 'bombshells' have been dropped at my school in the past week or so... I use the term bombshells very lightly, because I'm 16 years old, hence nothing is really that groundbreaking, especially compared to bushfires and things. Now I have my fingers crossed that this post doesn't come across as superficial and almost a bit mean girls-esque, but I am hoping that atleast one other person is as frazelled as I am.

I think my friend put it perfectly when he said "It's always the girls that get pretty later. The ones that weren't always good looking. They wake up and they're like "Hey, I'm hot now! I'm not used to this! I can do whatever I want!""
But what I don't understand is how low an opinion of oneselves these girls have. Like I said, I'm 16, I know nothing, but this is just the way I see it. It's like, you can go and be a slut, and all the boys will love it (my friend admitted to this, as any teenage boy would), or you can choose NOT to be a slut, have lots of friends, and watch as all the so-called 'decent' boys get rooted by the girls everyone hates. Even from that, I'd choose the second one every time. My friend also told me that although they all like the easy girls, they would never consider dating one of them, because they know the minute their back is turned... well, you know the rest.

I'm sure a lot of you know all this, but obviously there's a fair few who don't understand that sleeping around isn't going to get you anything except maybe a rash. But that's your choice, not mine.


Ashlee said...

well put gemma. life is unfair in that sense. boys are dumb.

Georgie said...

interesting topic. You mentioned that all the decent boys sleep with the 'easy' girls... how 'decent' are these boys really? Obviously they're not to keen on comittment. interesting stuff

Gem said...

Hence why I said 'decent' in apostrophes, haha
Decent boys who don't require apostrophes are so hard to find!

dee said...

hm, i guess i do have to agree with you. and gemma, don't think that just because you're 16, it means that you haven't gone through enough life experiences. believe me, the teen years really can define who you are in later life. and don't compare your life to something like the bushfires, or wars, or what not. it's your life you're living.

and btw... has someone got their eye on a potential squeeze, Gemma? ;P

i liked this blog.

Georgia. said...

I agree Gemma!
So unfair that all the boys find the girls that are easy more attractive then girls like you and me :) Decent boys are incredibly hard to find.