I actually squealed when i woke up this morning.

Hahahaha I'm so excited! So I'm just taking this opportunity to be really really lame and thank all of you so so much, especially considering I only have one look, and I joined no more than 24 hours ago. The same goes for my blog, it's really sweet that people are reading my somewhat incoherent ramblings, and that a few of you are actually following it along with me. So again please, if you are indeed reading this, drop me a comment, because I really really love this feeling, like I have a big bag of pop rocks in my belly.

Je t'aime!


Mon Chérie said...

oh my gosh, i've just discovered your blog and i'm in love <3
i get such a kick out of finding blogs from people who actually live in the same state as me.
your lookbook is fab too!

Juliana said...

You seem like such a cute girl. Love your blog. Found it when I was looking around at Lookbook.. Will for sure follow your blog in the future. I think its fun when bloggers actually cares about their readers. Not just blogging to blogg! Greeting from the far north..

:) said...

You're so cute! I founf you on Lookbook, and I sure will be reading your blog from now :)