fated to pretend

Sorry I haven't written, but it's been a very exciting week.
So just putting it out there, not trying to make anyone jealous, but MGMT WERE SOO AMAZING MY GOD IT'S RIDICULOUS HOW AMAZING THEY WERE
Steph came to mine before hand, and I know what you're all thinking and the answer is yes I will upload photos tomorrow, they are being developed and I am picking them up today (because I was super dooper clever and took a disposable camera! so nifty)
And then we met up with Stef Jen Helen Liz Jack Dom Tom Evan Andy and Viv and yeah it was just so so good, then us girls were sitting outside because we were like "why would we go in early and sit, when we could just stay out here?" and then Liz spotted Demi from So You Think You Can Dance! And she was SO nice, I said to her "I actually met you earlier in the year at Logies rehearsals, I was one of Chris Lilley's dancers" and she was all "Oh wow yes you guys were amazing!" blah blah blah
So we went in, Tame Impala were fantastic, played a really great set, I think Steph put it the best in saying "This would be even better if we had shroons" hahahaha that was a joke though drugs are bad.
So then we all had our little meeting spot between the support bands, so that was fun, and then Dom, Jack and I went to see Lachi because we haven't seen him for a while so that was nice also.
Luke Steele was shit. Embrassing really. At the end of his last song, he broke all his guitar strings, like as his little party trick, but clearly he broke them too early because THE SONG WAS STILL GOING. So he hadn't really been playing the entire time.
Then I bumped into Mikaela, and she then proceded to tell me that she had just MET THE BAND. They were down the side of the building having a smoke, she walked past and hey presto. So so so unfair.
But they were amazing. So incredible. Like obviously I was expecting them to be good, but they were actually up there with Bloc Party. They were amazing, and they encored with Kids and it was perfect and everyone was really sweaty and disgusting but nobody cared because it was MGMT and we were all in awe and bah it was just too good.

So on Friday night was Reach Prom. All my tanning efforts these past few weeks definately payed off. For those of you who do not live in Victoria (which is most people), Reach is an organisation that does stuff with teenagers, like people my age, they do alot of stuff with kids who have gone off the rails and myself and Elly have done a few leadership things with them during the year, and they have a "Prom" (haha, so American) at the end of each year, and we thought we'd go along, even though we don't know anyone, because I thrive on strangers .. as wrong as that sounds.
But it was such a great night, was really not expecting it to be that fantasic, but it was so well done, it was a carnival theme so there was fairy floss and all that and two dj's and we met sooo many people and it was just a really really excellent night, got a few numbers and yeah ;) Haha, I'll stop now.
And again, I know what you're thinking, and yes, here is a photo of my dress.

I think it's pretty safe to say that I am officially a hot roller pro.

I worked and babysat for the rest of the weekend, so as lame as that sounds, keep in mind that I need plenty of money for France, which is where i will be in 24 DAYS not that I'm counting.
Anyway, I should go now or I am going to miss my bus.
Why is it so miserable outside? I don't like it.


Kaela said...

yay im in your blog :)
you rock hehe

Newborn Hippy. said...

you are such a cutie!

Shannon said...

you are really pretty =)
that dress is nice and you hair is so pro!