Another success

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Saw this top in sportsgirl the other week, was 90 bucks so I thought I'd leave it, seeings as I'd just bought my beautiful new Witchery shorts which I mentioned in another post.
Went back yesterday during my break from work, and it was down to 40! So I thought "I shall come back tomorrow and purchase this beautiful thing".
So I go back today, 20% off all sale items, $31.95!
I am too happy.
I plan on wearing it to MGMT, which is in 11 days, by the way.

I also got my first follower today! It's really sweet to know that people are reading this. It makes me even happier than I already am.
I also just jumped on the Bloglovin' bandwagon, hint hint



i love the draping of the green shirt!

Jayo. said...

lookbook is delish :)
how strange that you stumbled across my measley page psssh ha
i only just uploaded a few things.
i admire SO many people on there.

and i yearn for your blouse.
i can see us getting along fashion wise.
i have two blouses you would squeal for - very similar to your greeny.
i'll try and post some photos.

Anonymous said...

your blog is beautiful xx

Hippiegirl said...

you look so beautiful!

Sina said...

The shirt is very cute!I love your Blog!
Do you want to exchange links?