Just wanted to begin by introducing you to my new baby.
I think it's safe to say I'll be posting alot more photos from now on.
Yesterday was perfect. Went to the city with Steph, Elly, Amy & Lauren, and they bought me beautiful but unnecessary presents.

We went to all of my favourite places, like our juice bar, magnation, retro star, alice euphemia, flinders lane and degraves, and then we got phat at max brenner.

So yeah that was beautiful, was just a beautiful day, and the rain held off!

And now I'll get on to the fashion-y things.
Went out for din dins last night, wore my mum's jacket, which I wear alot more than she does .. it pretty much lives in my wardrobe now.

So sorry to those of you who think mirror photos are tacky .. sometimes they're just necessary. Sorry again.

And last but certainly not least, here is my amazing amazing amazing beautiful amazing new bag.
Thought you'd all appreciate it :)

I love you all too much



happy birthday!!
how do u like the camera and what kind is it? if u dont mind me asking?

u look so adroable! u literally look like a doll!!


Jayo. said...

What a brilliant birthday!